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Hi Eric,
I dilute the concentrate in 4 gallons of water, close the sea cock, and pour it in the sea chest with the AC cooling pump running.  After a gallon or so has been pumped through, I let it sit overnight and then run the AC pump with sea water as usual.

I do the same procedure with the Yanmar and Onan.

So far my hoses and manifold are all clean as a whistle after doing this twice a year for 10 years.

S/V Kristy

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Hi Kent,

Are we speaking about the AC cooling line?

My plan was you use the Barnacle buster circulating tank and hook it up to the input of the engine room

Manifold, then run a garden hose from the output seacock and back to the circulating bucket.

They suggested to use it for 4-6 hours.

Did you dilute the barnacle buster and if so what ratio?

I will also do so with the engine and genset. I plan on disconnecting the water input to the watermaker while doing this.

Fair Winds




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I just flush with B.B. and let it sit i the lines over night once a year.  So far all lines and manifold are free of any growth or scale.


SM 243


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Has anyone used barnacle buster and a circulating pump on the ac cooling water lines?

Fair Winds


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