Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Standing rigging wire size on Santorin


Hello Simon, 

On the 1990 SN27 Sloop:
The forestay, backstay and 2 outer cap shrouds are 10mm. 
The other cap and inner shrouds are 8mm. 

Also, if you wanted to use ACMO (the original) you can email them or Maud from Amel. I’ve spoken with ACMO and they had on file the details for SN27. They should be able to provide the exact rigging quote, including shipping, ready to install. 

SV Iris, SN27
Miri, Malaysia 

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I was wondering what the size (diameter) of the different steel wires on the sloop rigged Amel Santorin are? The one I have been looking at needs to have its standing rigging replaced and I'm trying to calculate how much that would cost. Unfortunately I forgot to measure this when I visited the boat. Hopefully someone here can help me.

Best regards


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