Re: Standing rigging wire size on Santorin


I did the following estimation:

Mast height: 16m
Beam at mast: 4m
Length: 14m
The 8mm shrouds are attached 1/3 up on the mast = 5,4m => wire length: 5,8m
2 of the 10mm shrouds are attached 2/3 up on the mast = 10,7m => wire length: 10,9m
Remaining 10mm shrouds are attached at the top = 16m => wire length: 16,2m
Fore and backstay are attached at the top = 16m => wire length: 17,5m

Total 8mm: 23,2m
Total 10mm: 89,2m
8mm swages: 8 pcs
10mm swages: 12 pcs
5/8" turnbuckles: 4 pcs
3/4" turnbuckles: 6 pcs

This should be possible to buy for around 3500EUR (or around 2500EUR without new turnbuckles), perhaps less since I probably can get a good deal on the wire.

Is there any reason to buy what to me seems to be overpriced wire from a "marine" store? I can get a good price if buying from a non-marine store, specification is 1x19 wire, AISI 316, EN 1.4401. Any reason not to buy this one? Does anyone know what steel for example ACMO uses in the wire they supply?

I also sent mail to ACMO as suggested to get a quote.

Best regards

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