Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Insurance question in case of total loss

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good evening Jean Pierre,

I was actually going to switch to Y Insurance.
I think their conditions were straight forward and reasonable.

Sincerely, Alexandre


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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Insurance question in case of total loss
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Hello Alexandre,
As you know, I’ve left de
Lassée (Helvetia) because of their poor service.  Good at
collecting their fees but “bar stewards” at paying out
on claims.
I now use Y Yacht Insurance in UK
for what its worth.  They have a plain language policy
conditions and have an excellent reputation for settling
claims quickly.
Best of luck,
Jean-Pierre Germain,SY Eleuthera, SM 007Tonga
On 14 Oct 2018, at 03:27,
Alexandre Uster von Baar
[amelyachtowners] <>
Dear Amel owners, 

On my insurance policy (Helvetia
subscribed through insurance DeLassee) it says (article
8.4.4) that my insurance is automatically canceled in case
of total loss - BUT (last line of that paragraph) that the
insurance only stops when then settlement has been

Which is why the insurance still
ask me to pay the premium for this year and likely the next
one (since it is 25% less than the agreed value I am
contesting it).  

Does your insurance says the same

Thanks in advance,
sincerely, Alexandre<scan.jpg>

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