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Mike Ondra

Thanks Mark. We are operating under that assumption and replacing the tube. Will share outcomes in a couple weeks after the parts arrive and are installed.




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I'm somewhat guessing here since the turbocharged gasoline engines that I am most familiar with DO NOT have "smoke limiters".  However, I think that the damaged smoke limiter tube could be the cause of your inability to reach maximum RPM.  The smoke limiter is likely limiting the amount of fuel being injected at low boost pressure.  That is how you reduce smoke on a relatively low compression turbocharged diesel engine.  As you load up the engine and boost pressure rises, that limitation should be removed in order to achieve maximum power.  The tube that you say is damaged is likely the boost pressure "signal" that is used by the smoke limiter to limit fuel injection.  If the tube is not sending the boost signal to the smoke limiter, it would continue to limit fuel delivery even as boost pressure rises.  If fuel delivery is limited, so is power output and maximum RPM.  I would replace the tube.  Assuming the rest of the smoke limiter is working, I think it just might solve your problem.  Let us know either way!

Mark McGovern

SM 440 Cara

Deale, MD USA

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