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James Cromie

Thanks for the feedback. 
Are the explorer cmap digital charts worthwhile?  This would mean using a Cmap chart reader software on a PC, as my BG Zeus chart plotter isn’t compatible with CMAP format.  What experience do any of you have with PC based chart readers for this format?


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I would not trust Navionics on depth, only the explorer charts. Routinely navionics was off. Set up the waypoints from the explorer charts on your chart plotter and hold to the tracks. With this method you will be safe with a very high likelihood. 

I shaved some sea grass once in 5 meter water (on navionics) with our keel. 


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Navionics charts work well but the best charts are the Explorer Charts (paper guides). They show anchorages and note areas of good holding and the depths are very accurate. In the Abaco Islands the best charts we found were in Steve Dodge’s The Cruising Guide to Abaco, Bahamas. This guide include routes in the Abacos with a nine foot draft.




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Fellow Amelians:  Though this is not an "Amel-specific" question, I pose this to you because I would like to know your experience sailing the Bahamas with a 6'7" or more draft.  


I have heard that Explorer Charts are perhaps the most reliable regarding depth soundings in this region.  I would like to know if any of you use Navionics while in the Bahamas, and if so, is it adequate?


Ultimately, I am trying to determine if I need to supplement my Navionics digital charts and Maptech paper charts with something else.  


I appreciate your input as always!



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