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Alan - Thanks for sharing this.  There are many of us who have been desiring to replace our cracked sheaves, and this is a great and affordable alternative.  I am going to give it a try as well.  

Thank you again everyone - This forum is full of gems!

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Courtesy of Jean-Luc Mertz, I have been in touch with Bernard Ancelle in France.

He is making a one piece toe pulley in PETP (polyester). They will be available for purchase in a few weeks

Bernard says :
The pulley is in one piece and thicker than original aluminum Amel one
for strength (but the core of the pulley has the same thickness as the
original one to be easily fitted).
The material is PETP which resists well to a lot of chemical products
(particularly sea water), does not absorb water, resists to UV and has
good mechanical properties.
The combination of plastics device and inox (stainless) screws would not be
subjected to corrosion as the previous one.

Bernard can supply the pulley including 3 x  M6 316L stainless bolts for 60 Euros plus postage.

You can order directly from Bernard by email :  ba at ancelle dot net

i have ordered two pulleys today.

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