Leroy Somers Outhaul gearbox and motor


Hi Amelians,
I am doing maintenance on my outhaul gear box, and need new lip seals. The gears still look great and the grease looks new without any evidence of water intrusion.

The double lip ones on the main shaft are unusual in that there is a steel plate embedded in the crown of the seals. It is ferrous and rusty. They are ID 35mm OD 45mm Depth 5mm, and marked:
ERIKS -F 2 BAF SL DRW 30 45 5

After trying other seal manufacturers, Leroy Somers USA, and Amel, I still haven’t found anyplace that can/will sell them to me. Maud says she can’t help.

I’m waiting to hear back from ERIKS but have little hope that they will be able to source them.

First question: what is the steel plate embedded in the crown of the seals for? Would a seal without the plate work just as well?

Second: has anyone found a source for these seals?

Third: The upper plate on the gearbox was broken getting it off of the boom. Has anyone had one of these made at a machine shop? Any issues?

As usual, thank you for your help and expertise.

Happy Sailing
SM 243
St Michaels MD USA

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