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Serge Tremblay <laetitiaii@...>

Last spring, after refurbishing all my furler mechanisms (changing bearings, oil seals and gaskets, cleaning the motors etc...) it became apparent that the headstay, while less than 10 years old  needed to be replaced.
Monel rivets had been used initially in the extrusions.
The experienced rigger at Caraibes Gréement in Martinique convinced me that the better method for joining the aluminium extrusions is that of using set screws and not rivets, screws are used in Profurl, Harken and even Scheafer furlers.
My first reaction was that since popular commercial furlers are sold for after sale installation, il seemed more economical and practical to offer a set screw system than a large and costly heavy duty rivet tool with which not everyone is familiar. Also Chantiers Amel  would certainly not use a system which is not the most reliable!!!
In my case, the use of a drill to eliminate the old rivets still holding, had, in some cases, increased the size of the entrance hole in the extrusion, thus would have required larger rivets.
Moreover, the rivets must, because of the bead retaining same from popping out, be protruding inside the connectors joining the 2 meters or so aluminium extrusions and therefore,  they could, if the connectors are not (as it was the case on my boat) sufficiently isolated from rubbing on the stay by the plastic or graphite inserts, touch the head stay. As a result, a strand of the the stay could be affected but also the damaged rivets could pop out  whenever the headsail is unfurled or taken down ... 
Even without a few rivets or screws, the furler can be used, but it seems to allow for seriously damaging the furler, as indicated by Mr Gateff (the CEO of Gateff Sails, one of Amel sail manufacturer), either just above the furler motor, or at the end of the first extrusion
(approx. 2 m from deck). 
Finally, whether monel rivets or SS set screws, one must apply the yellow anti corosion paste, and, Loctite cement on the top of set screws.
Mango #51 

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