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I bought Travel Bug 3.5 years ago and learned a lot from this forum. Now I can contribute some small tips for others. Had I have known these beforehand it would have saved me a lot of aggravation!

1) In the forward cabin’s locker that gives access to the chain locker there is a small nut coming from the bow thruster. Ensure this nut is tight! If it come off, the bow thruster can rotate when it is descending and destroy the up/down mechanism. It happened to me this year, a local mechanic made a new one for me.

2) At the end of season, after the in mast furling sails are removed then the tube clangs inside the mast when rocking in any waves. I discovered that if you take 3 thick mooring lines and tie them (via rolling hitches with thinner lines) to the device that the hayard is attached to, then hoist that to the upper spreader, then you and your neighbours will be able to sleep all night.

3) In the Mediterranean, with stern-to mooring, always leave power to the windlass switched on. If you are away from the boat and somebody pulls up your anchor, then anybody (sailor, fisher man) that jumps onto your boat has a chance to set the anchor again if the windlass is powered.

4) At least in the mediterranean with stern-to mooring, always leave an easy to read sign that simply says ‘captain’ and your phone number. If there is any problem (anchor, alarm going off, you are in an unmarked “reserved” spot) then you will be reachable. So always take your charged phone out with you too.

It is the end of the season for me as we haul out on Wednesday in Cleopatra Marina in Greece.

Eamonn Washington
Travel Bug
SM 151

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