Old New Owner


Dear all

I am glad to inform that I am an Amel owner. Again.

I know many of you have bought two (or three!) “Amels”, usually “moving up”. I went sideways! Maybe it is a first.  I used to own the Amel 54 #110, sold in 2014. Now I bought Attika, AMEL 54 #117, here in Brazil, my hometown.

I never really left this Forum after I sold my former 54, since it is always a pleasure to see so much camaraderie and expertise shared. So congrats to all that keep the ball rolling. A special thanks to Jose Luis, who recently “resigned” from his position. And a welcome to Bill, who will certainly do a great job (besides his so generous contributions).

As usual, there is some work, upgrades and fixing to do aboard Attika. I am counting on your sage advice and opinions.

And if you ever need anything from Brazil, please let me know.


Roque (Edison Roque)

Attika  A54 #117

Paraty - Brazil

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