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James Alton

Hi Craig,

   We like to keep cans and tools in the normally dry main  bilge forward of the companionway slider so even a gallon of saltwater from a leaking companionway slider could do a lot of damage from corrosion so I am interested in any options to reduce water ingress.  I agree, a foot of water in the cockpit above the level of the sill that stayed for any length of time would certainly be a big concern   and I hope to never encounter conditions that truly flood the cockpit.     The arithmetic of course was only meant to be a reference point.  I cannot imagine with the large cockpit drains that even a large wave coming aboard would not be gone in short order but if conditions were bad enough that one wave found it's way aboard then certainly more could follow... 

    The original plywood slider on my boat is now 31 years old and is still structurally perfectly sound but the outer veener is about gone so the aesthetics are suffering.  I sort of doubt that I would get that much service from a modern day pc. of plexiglass and have in replaced quite a few plexiglass drop boards that cracked or even broke in half on a customers boat so the material can fail in ways that won't happen with the plywood.    I can understand the benefits of having more light below but actually the wife and I prefer the original Amel wooden slider so we won't be changing to plexiglass.  Actually the longer I own my Amel the less I am inclined to change things on the boat.   I appreciate the advice given to me by some very helpful people on this board to keep things as they were designed until I really got to know the boat. 


James Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220
La Maddelena,  Italy 


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Hi James,
Wow, that's some scary arithmetic, which I'm sure is correct. If you've got a 1 foot head of water on your companionway hatch for an hour (let's see, that's like over the cockpit seats), uh, I think you've got bigger worries than some water below. And, the least of your worries might be that the weatherstripping could in no way handle that load and will have bent open, 
Then again, the weatherstripping is a fine idea that "the Captain" had, notwithstanding shorter-lived companionway plywood and the need to have a dark interior with it closed. 
Cheers, Craig SN68

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Bill Kinney,

   You make some very good points.  A 22mm hole at a 1' head could flow aroun d 615 GPH if my calculations are correct so there could be conditions where this could allow a lot of water into the boat.  I certainly hope to never encounter the conditions that Eric has.   One of the primary functions of a boat imo is to keep water on the outside and this seems to me to be a good way to reduce intrusion.  I second your concerns about silicones which can be impossible to finish over if they soak into bare wood.  Customers have brought boats to us to refinish the interior varnishwork and some where furniture polish was used were impossible to recoat,  nothing but fish eyes no matter how much cleaning we did. On the other hand some boats that also had furniture polish used on them were fine to refinish and I never determined which products had silicone or in them and which were safe so I just revarnish when needed. 

    The varnish on the slider I imagine gives you a nice sealed and fairly hard surface for the wiper to rub on.  Does the wiper ever chatter as you raise and lower the slider?  I need to reface or replace my door and will go with varnish as well.  

Have a safe trip back South.

James Alton
SV Sueno,  Maramu #220
La Maddelena Island,  Italy


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As Bill R says, I think the weatherstrip is important to keep water out of the boat. If there is ANY gap, all the rain water that hits the surface of the slide will run down the surface of the slide into the boat.  It is easy to say "it's only 2mm wide" but it is 750mm long. That is about the same area as a 22 mm round hole.  Would you tolerate a 22mm round hole in the side of your cockpit that drained water into the boat? I would not.

An occasional coat of wax on our varnished slide keeps the rubber from sticking to it.  We varnished the teak companionway because we much prefer the "look" of well m aintained varnish over teak oil--strictly personal preference.  With the same maintenance schedule, (and , yes, a bit more work) it holds up well.

If you do decide you prefer varnish, stick with the wax, and avoid the silicone spray and furniture polish containing silicone. Silicone is virtually impossible to remove when it is time to renew the finish, and it can cause you nightmares with the next maintenance coat of varnish "beading up" on the surface.  There are ways to get around it, but the best answer (again--with a varnish finish) is to just avoid the silicone.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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