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James Cromie

Bill - thank you so much for enlightening me. Yes, I'd love to see a photo ofyour set up of the sensor at the chain stripper.

Many thanks. 

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The Quick unit uses a different sensor technology than the Amel OEM unit.  My understanding of the original sensor is that it is an inductive sensor where the moving magnet generates a pulse of electricity in the coil, while the Quick chain counter sensor is a simple magnetic reed switch, and the control head detects the switch closure when the magnet goes by.  

If the Quick did not come with a sensor (and I imagine it should have!) Quick sells a complete sensor kit for about US$25.  It is a tiny little thing, and easy to mount near the chain stripper.  Let me know if pictures would help, I can take some tomorrow.

You can use the existing wiring, any pair of conductors will do to carry the switch closure signal back to the control head.

Bill Kinney
SM160,  Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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Hello Amelians - 

I have been trying to figure out how to install a new chain counter display on  my 2002 Amel SM2K.  The original display from Pochon functions, but the LCD screen is barely readable.  I just replaced the sensor (though realized I didn't need to).  

I purchased a "Quick" Chain Counter, Model CHC 1203, as I saw another owner with the same display and I was told that it worked well.  I have tried to install this, but the unit does not seem to detect any input from the sensor.  It seems as though the original counter provides 10V to the sensor, whereas the "Quick" unit only provides about 3V.  I wonder if there is a simple wiring change that I need to make, or if this is hopeless without using a different sensor. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If any of you have this type of chain counter display, I'd love to know how it is wired and if you use the standard sensor (IFM IB5124).  

Thanks in advance!



Sm2K 347

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