Helm station light

Mark Pitt

The dome light at the helm station of Sabbatical III no longer works.  My multi-meter shows only 18 volts and there is substantial resistance on the positive (blue) wire but none on the negative (black) wire.  So I need to pull a new wire.  The existing (original) wire is a grey, round cable containing four wires, two of which are cut off at each end.  It is easy to find in the ceiling space revealed by the sliding ceiling panel just forward of the autopilot locker in the galley.  It disappears by itself into a hole and then apparently comes up in the center section of the hard dodger.  There seems to be a rubber gland where this part of the dodger sits on the deck.  I guess that the electrical cable goes through that gland.

My question is:  Do I have to remove the dodger in order to replace this electrical cable? I have pulled on this cable with only moderate force and it did not budge.  I wish to avoid removing the dodger at this point in time.  Has any one replaced this cable?  Thanks.

   Mark Pitt

   Sabbatical III, SM#419, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

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