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Hi Paul,

There have indeed been quite a number boats with failures of this item. Two things to consider when having one made. First, not all aluminum is created equal. Be sure to quiz the fabricator as to the correct grade. Second, consider making it longer, say twice as long to make it more robust.



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Good day fellow sailors.

I didn’t pay too much attention to this topic when I read it as I didn’t think we had the problem.  However, a week or so ago, when Chuck and Kim on S/V Joy stopped by, Chuck had me take a close look and sure enough, we had some cracks in our block.  Chuck’s was in worse shape than ours.  He removed his and found a local fabricator here in Hampton, VA to make a new one.  I jumped on board and had one made for myself as well. 

Chuck instructed the fabricator to make the new one larger in the hopes that it would be stronger.  We were both happy with the finished product (see pics).

The fabricator made a bunch of extras (I think 6) if anyone is interested in obtaining one.  The cost out the door was $205.00.

The fabricator can be contacted at:

Gilliam Welding
Metals at GilliamWelding dot com

All the best,

Paul Stascavage
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