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Kelly Ran

When we opened our failed gearbox assembly...the bevel gears were really worn down. Any metal dust from gear grinding would contribute to seizing the horizontal bushing (that got stuck for us). I'd recommend ensuring that you are head to wind when you furl, as much as you can, to decrease loads on the gear teeth. 

Maybe also ensure that the seal between the foil attachment and the upper part of the gearbox is intact and that water ingress is prevented. Our old seal was completely shot. 

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On Sun, Nov 4, 2018, 10:51 Ryan Meador ryan.d.meador@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

I'm wary of step 2.  I'm afraid if I unscrew the tube, I won't get it back in correctly.  It appears the only thing that prevents it from unscrewing during normal furling operation is the extra friction it requires to unscrew vs spin the inner shaft.  That must mean it's on there really tightly.  Also, I think the alignment of the locking pin vs the furler extrusion is probably set by their relative positions when you screw the tube in, and it would require trial and error to get that right.

They seem to last about 20 years with minimal maintenance (really just a fresh water rinse), which isn't a bad lifetime for such a mechanism.

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On Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 8:36 AM sailor63109@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

What would be the preventive maintenance procedure for this gearbox?  

From what I understood of this chain:
1) remove the black ring
2) unscrew the outer casing of the horizontal shaft from the vertical gearbox
3) remove the horizontal shaft from the outer casing by pulling forward
4) clean both , removing surface rust and polish
5) lubricate and reinstall

Is it that simple if it is functioning normally?  

Wanderer, SM#477

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