Aft Head Hose

Duane Siegfri

I noticed that the hose that fills the tank has quite a bit of corrosion at the tank connection.  Shouldn't this copper tube have a bonding wire?  I posted a photo of it.

I noticed it while trying to unplug the toilet.  It won't empty.  I've already established the plug is not in the motor or macerator blade (which I replaced).  There was quite a bit of accretion in the elbow with the joker valve but not enough to cause the plug.  I reconnected and tested it anyhow after cleaning but no joy.  

I disconnected the 1" hose from the back of the toilet at the joker valve, and connected a four foot piece of 1" hose and filled it with vinegar.  Hopefully an overnight soak will do the job.

Any other suggestions?



Wanderer, SM#477   

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