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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Alan

I cannot answer your question, so wait for those who are more qualified to provide the answer. However, in the interim let me say that we also swapped out our old single fuel filter system for a dual one, with quick flick over switch change over, plus a substantial automatic fuel polishing system..... and mounted these to that rear engine room wall before sailing into Indonesia where fuel problems are an ongoing problem. I simply used good sized large threaded 316 stainless wood screws, and they easily hold these units without "bottoming out" into any fibre glass or wires/pipes on the rear wall behind the timber under the rubber sound proofing. I am currently land touring in Sth Africa, away from the boat, so cannot remember or measure the screw lengths for you unfortunately. Others here will be able to give dimensions.

Tip, do not try to raise the height of that dual filter much higher than the low position at which the original one sat, despite how tempting it may seem to have it at eye level on that nice huge rear wall! We raised ours about 200mm and have had no fuel flow issues at all.

Colin Streeter
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On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 2:04 AM bazgrayson@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Hi All, i am changing from the single racor filter to dual racor 500 series filters. 

When i removed the single filter it was mounted on a block of wood that had 2 bolts thru it which seem to be mounted thru the bulkhead.

1; i can't find where the bolt heads are. I do remember reading somewhere that the engine bay is double layer by that i mean the bulkhead then a layer of foam then more plywood then more foam which would explain why i can't find the bolt head.

Can anyone confirm that?

If it is the case then i should be able to screw into that wood to mount the new filter body frame which is considerably bigger with 3" thick mounting blocks which allows me to clear the drain water shutoff valve.

Can anyone confirm this?


Alan Grayson

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Ft Lauderdale

Colin Streeter
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