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james Hosford

Hey Bill,
Just saw a sm that had the salon love seat, cabinets and pull out birth replaced with a traditional settee.   Am i correct that this was never an option and was a mod done by the owner?   I do think it would be more practical than the pull out but it may not be very “Amel” aproved.

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There are a lot of birds in Deltaville and will surely find your beautiful 54. Other than that, it is a safe place.


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Hello to the group,
The first days of january I will start the atlantic crossing from Lanzarote via Cape Verde. We hope to sail upnorth to Virginia from the Caribbean sea and leave the boat in Deltaville? From the middle of May  until beginning of August.Then starting upnorth to Newengland or Nova Scotia and return back to Virginia in October, waiting for the next season in the Caribbean sea.
Any recommendations or advices,  safe place to leave the boat ?

Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54 #162

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