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james Hosford

Cool,  thanks i wonder if it would be possible to get pictures of his without cushions to see  if a good marine carpenter could duplicate it and make the wood match.   That must be the most custom work I've ever heard of amel doing.    I wondered if the pic saw was his what made me think that it was original work was the brown amel upholstery was used.

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SM #380 TouRai has a traditional looking settee that was done by Amel not the owner.  As I recall, that SM was built for a really tall Dutchman and has a bunch of unique semi-custom features including replacing the loveseat/pull out berth with a more traditional settee.  In the forward cabin the cabinets on either side of the bow thruster are removed and the mattresses actually extend into that area as he also had tall sons.  The main seating area in the salon has square corners, not rounded.  The aftmost bulkhead also was either fully or partially pushed rearward.  

Steve Morrison is the current owner of #380 and he knows the details better than me.  But he's currently in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on his way to the Caribbean so don't expect an answer from him anytime soon!  Olivier Beaute also knows the story.

Mark McGovern
SM 440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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