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I 100% agree with Steve. We have both SSB + Pactor and Sat-Phone. Redundancy is best if you can afford it.


We use a minimal plan on the sat-phone and pay about $60 per month and about $1.50 per minute. We only ever use the phone on extended passages and when the SSB is problematic. To receive a grib file of weather takes about 5 minutes using the phone as a modem for our ships navigation computer. We do not use Iridium Go but use the phone as a data modem connected to the computer. This yields a lot more options for connection. We can lay weather over charts and view it along our planned route using Nobeltec TZ software. We calculated that it is less expensive to use the data and pay as we go rather than pay a higher monthly fee and not use it. It seems we sit still for long periods or have access to wi-fi. The highest bill be have ever had was about $200 using it daily for 2 weeks.


I personally prefer the SSB and find it a little faster. Cindy prefers the SSB when she does it.



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I pay just under $150/mo with all taxes for unlimited data and texting, and 150 min of sat phone talk time per month. They have less expensive plans, but I don’t like to worry about data usage. 



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Thank you Steve!

What is the estimated cost for the Iridium Go per month?


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We have both, and a Pactor 4 modem.. I like redundancy, and would not be content relying on a sole source. We keep our sail mail account up to date, and generally use the Iridium Go and sail docs for weather. We can use the modem if necessary, but I find the Iridium faster and more reliable. We use Predict Wind as well, but find I get more detailed weather info from sail docs. Predict Wind allows me to get the euro model GRIBS, and sail docs does not. 

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 Do I need both SSB and Satellite phone when going to the Pacific?

You who have only the satellite phone, what does it cos per month to download  the weather every day for predict wind?

You who are really far out there and know a lot what is your suggestion and advice?


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