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Last time I also did an experiment: I took the old incrustinated joker valve in a glass with vinegar essence (via Google it could be called also vinegar concentrate). In German „Essigessenz“. It is a 25 % solution of acetic acid (CAS 64-19-7) in water and much stronger than vinegar. The result: Immediately I could see small bubbles on the surface of the valve (it worked) and after about 30 minutes the bubbling had stopped and the joker valve was like new. One should be careful when using vinegar essence undiluted but it works fantastic. Just my 2 cents.

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When changing discharge hoses, I decided to experiment with some of the solid cristalized urin/saltwater in the old hose. I broke see out and added it to 3 glass jars. One jar had pure vinegar, the 2nd had 50% vinegar and 50% saltwater, the 3rd had 50% vinegar and 50% freshwater.

30 days later - no change
60 days later - no change
90 days later - no change
120 days later - I gave up😀

I believe that positive vinegar solutions to head problems are nothing more than a placebo effect.  


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In my experience, it might just take months for a vinegar soak to actually do any good. For those of us who live on our boats 12 months a year, a month long soak is just not a practical solution.  Most boats that get taken out of the water for months, do so because of cold weather.  Leaving vinegar in lines in freezing temperatures is not a good idea.

All the other ideas you suggest are certainly good ones, but again, if you are in a place (like all of the waters of the USA) where discharge of raw sewage is never allowed, it is impractical to flush with enough water to clear the lines every time.  The tank just fills too fast.

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