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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good morning Michael,

On Nikimat, I had 5 x 20 liter Jerry can full of diesel in the lazarette.
My refueling rules (probably over killed) was:
fill up jerry can, then transfer them to main thank through a Baja filter.

Sincerely, Alexandre


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Thanks Bill.I
am looking at this for a little extra fuel capacity  say
100-120litres and to also be able to get the filtration
system sorted. A
pump system through a large  filter to the day tank. Day
tank over flow back to the main. In
a large seaway I will be more comfortable with knowing that
when the main tank is down to the last 100 liters  I have a
good supply at the day tank. Current
setup has the engine having to suck fuel  as the main 
tank gets down to 1/3 . I
am thinking that gravity feed from above wouldn't
hurt. I
would still have a second set of filters on the day
tank. Regards

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This is really a matter of cruising style and
preference.  Some people feel that a Super Maramu's
installed fuel capacity is not adequate for a world cruising
boat, and others worry about fuel going bad before they use
it.  Neither approach is wrong, it really is a matter of
taste.  Some people fire up the engine anytime boat speed
drops below 5 knots.  Others are perfectly happy drifting
along at 2 knots.  
know our boat has already been around the world--TWICE--with
only the factory installed fuel tank.  I decided not to add
complexity--and weight--by changing an obviously successful
forget, by dropping your speed from 6 knots to 5 knots
you--almost--double your motoring range.  Go to 4 knots and
you--almost--double it again.
I don't have a recommendation on
how to install a day tank, just an observation that it MIGHT
not be the way you want to go.  If you do want to go that
way, I know several people on this forum have, and will have
good ideas on how to do it.
Bill KinneySM160,
HarmonieHollywood Florida,


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