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Alin Misescu

Thank you very much Bill. Awesome, I think that should do it. 
All the best. 
Alin Misescu 
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I assume by "reefing schedule" you mean how much you plan to shorten sail at various wind strengths.

When sailing monohulls I have never reefed "by the numbers", but rather used boat speed, heel, and helm balance to tell me I needed to shorten things down. Wind strength, sea state, and point of sail all make it really hard to reduce it to a single simple rule.

But, assuming further, that this is a regulatory requirement for you, I'll give it a go to write down a simple series of rules. These are very approximate, and are assuming you are close hauled, with sails that have good shape and are properly trimmed.  All wind speeds are apparent wind, and are approximate. Reefing percentages are area reduction in the indicated sail from its full size. The sequence is also a bit flexible in practice.  For example, sometimes, rather than take the second reef in the genoa, I'll just put the main away.  

0 to 18 knots  All plain sail.
18  knots Genoa reefed 15%
20  knots  Main reefed 20%
23  knots Genoa reefed 25%
25 knots  Main furled away.
30 knots  Mizzen reefed 20%
35 knots  Genoa reefed 50%

Of course when sailing off the wind, more sail can be carried at any given true wind speed.  My sails have stripes on them giving me an indication of these area reductions so I can repeatably set things like the position of the jib sheet cars.  My genoa has a padded luff so it gives respectable sail shape to about 25% reef.  Reduce it to 50%, and it does start to bag up a bit, and pointing ability starts to fall off.

I am guessing that such a table as above will give the surveyor what he needs to see.

Bill Kinney
Sm160, Harmonie
On the hard, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

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