Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Power draw at anchor

Thomas Peacock

Thanks as always for insights.
Yes, Bill, I have Mastervolt, not Voltmaster. The Xantrex looks awfully similar, different name for same product?
I don’t want to disconnect my batteries, nor do I want to throw the battery breakers. The bilge pump won’t run then.
Maybe 0.1 is all i can get. The Mastervolt draws only 7 milleamps.

Still unresolved electrical properties of the fuel gauge. It does not work when the battery breakers are thrown. However, I cannot find an appropriate breaker to disengage it. I do not see a fused line that might be the power either. I find that a little disconcerting. Would appreciate any thoughts on that.

Tom Peacock
Aletes SM 240
St Augustine, Florida

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