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If you still have the original 24 to 12 volt transformers, the one marked “ PERMANENT” is hard wired to the batteries and draws power 24/7 unless you turn it off. Its purpose is to preserve volatile memory in devices like the stereo radio station memory function.



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I don't think you have a "Voltmaster/Batman," rather you may have a Mastervolt Battman😁. Your boat originally came with a Xantrex Link 10.


I think you can get it to read amps alternating between zero and 0.1. As you know the battery monitor will use a minute amount. Also, it is possible that your monitor is not totally accurate. And, remember the shunt on your monitor is not totally accurate to zero. It will have a small resolution. I don't know about the Battman, but the OEM SM Xantrex Link 10 has a 0.1 amp resolution. 


So, if you are using the battery monitor to determine the point that you have zero amps, you're probably using the wrong thing. In fact, with the permanent OFF and a monitor reading between 0 and 0.2, you are probably there.


I hope this helps you. 


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We are leaving St Augustine for a month, and I am trying to get my electric usage to near zero. I could only get it down to 0.2 amps (as measured by the Voltmaster/Batman). All breakers are off (at least the ones I am aware of). I have taken the “permanent” Sailor 24>12 volt transformer out entirely, fuse removed. I then noticed that the fuel gauge still works. I could not trace the wires. There seems to be 19 volts at the gauge, but one of the hot wires comes into a resistor. If I disconnect the feed, the boat power usage does go down to 0.1 alternating with 0.2.
Two questions:
Any idea where the fuel gauge gets its power from?
Any idea how to get the amps down to zero?
Thanks as always to all in this group.

Tom Peacock
Aletes SM 240
St Augustine Florida

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