Re: Power draw at anchor

Gary Wells

I did put a spst switch at the fuel gauge to eliminate that draw. As well, I have made the "permanent" converters (24v/12v) switchable.
I had one other mystery draw and that was high-water alarm/bilge pump switch which had an electronic sensor and drew a small current all the time.

At the start of my quest I had about 0.38a draw but it's a zero now when everything is shut down.

If you have any fixtures that have USB charging ports, they will draw a little with their converters as well. 

Finally (I had to chase a 12v leak as well) if there is any build up of calcium or other corrosion on connectors to pumps or other hardware that might be a way for tiny amperage leaks to find a way to ground. 

Gary W.
s/v Adagio, SM 209
Gran Canaria

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