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Barry Connor

Highly recommend the 40kg Rocna. After bending the shaft on the original 30kg Bugel (see YouTube How to straighten a bent boat anchor) the Bugel bent whilst being dragged in 40 knot winds. The new 40kg Rocha sets and has stayed put in 40 knot winds. The Rocha fits perfectly on the starboard double roller with the straightened Bugel next to it. We slept peaceful nights this last 6 months anchoring all through the Adriatic. Would say the 40kg Rocha is perfect for the AMEL.

Barry and Penny
“Lady Penelope II”
Amel 54  #17
Marina di Ragusa.  Sicily

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Hi Arthur,
We have a 54 not SM. We ditched the original 30kg Bugel and replaced with 40kg Rocna. No change needed to bowroller on 54. Not so pretty, but now we have an anchor that works reliably for us. 10mm chain.
SY Stella A54 #154

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