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This is a low speed bearing and I was assured by Amel that there
was little chance of damage when it happened to me on route between
Galapagos and Marquesas. Had the seal replaced several thousand miles
later in Raiatea and no visible damage. You should expect to replace
this seal every couple of years when you haulout.
Fair Winds,
Ed Steele
DoodleBug SM#331

Hi Ed,
Nice to hear from you & thanks for confirming the advice I had from
Amel on the phone this morning, it sure is reassuring.

Just to remind you, we have met before, we even visited you on
Doodlebug in Limassol Marina in the Autumn of 2007. We arrived in
Limassol on our old boat Carmelit from Herzlia. That was just a
couple of months before we took delivery of our Amel in Singapore
last year.
We have implemented some of the house-keeping tips you gave us when
we met and all is working well.

Each time we replace the aircon and shower drain filters we think
well of you...
Hope things are good with you too.



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