Re: Power draw at anchor

Jim Anderson

Mark, Thanks you for the correction. My math was for 12V rather than 24. So hopefully the following is correct:

If your SM is equipped with 8  12V, 110Ah batteries and you are drawing 0.1 Amps continuously at 24V then theoretically it would take 73 days, 8 hours to run your batteries down to 60% charged.


If you were drawing 0.2A at 24V then it would be half of that, 36 days, 16 hours hours.


For the 12 battery  "comfort pak" model it would be 110 days and 55 days, respectively.


8 X 110 = 880 Total Ah at 12V

880/2 = 440Ah at 24V

440 X 40% =  176 Usable Ah

176/0.1 = 1760 hours available at 0.1A draw

1760/24 = 73.33 Days


Hope that helps, or is at least mildly interesting trivia,



SM384 Sirena Azul

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