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Beta offers the option of "isolated negative." Be sure that they spec this option for your repower.


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Hi Bill,

Thanks for your thoughts. Oddly enough your email beautifully summarises all my niggling doubts and questions that I will be presenting to the Beta man when we meet on Monday. After all 2 years ago it was him who suggested looking closely at the 60. I got an email from him this morning with all sorts of suggestions for fitting a 75!! So I am now pouring over those curves and gear box options.

I was concerned about the quantum leap in torque on the 75 and it's affect on the C drive, and fitting will be more of a fiddle, but I got also an email from the "go to" Amel man in the South of France who said only boats built in 89/91 need worry about that.

As you have pointed out in a previous post the weight increase on the 75 is not insignificant. I guess it all comes down to how one views this; in the aviation industry 2 passengers and their bags is always viewed as 200kg. So I guess it's like sailing around with 2 extra crew!.... or

I too will be interested in where this all ends up....I'll keep you posted.


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