Hauling by the chain plates

Craig Briggs

I've always been somewhat annoyed by yards leaving the area under the
lifting straps unwashed and then, on launching, putting the straps on my
fresh bottom paint (yes, sometimes they use plastic to prevent smooshing
the paint, with more of less success.) So when we hauled a few weeks
ago in Siracusa, I had the yard use the factory lifting rings.

I posted a picture where you can see the arrangement. The yard used
8000kg synthetic lifting cables (an item I'd not seen before) doubled on
each of the four attachment points, fastened with appropriate shackles.
The cables were attached to a 4M by 4M "X" shaped separation frame and
all was lifted by a 30T crane. (One could certainly use a travel lift
instead of a crane - I did have to remove the backstay and boom lift.)

All went perfectly well. The boat did take a very slight bow down
attitude (I did have about 400#'s of stuff stored forward that's not
normally there - I'll move it aft when we relaunch in the spring and see
if it makes a difference.)

Craig & Katherine - Santorin #68 "SANGARIS", on the hard in Siracusa
while we winter in FL.

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