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Craig Briggs

Hi Heinz,
As Eric notes, some more information would help. 
By "gearbox" can we assume you mean the "C" drive (not the transmission gearbox)? 
Where is the oil-water mixture leaking from? - around the propeller shaft?  -from the outside of the wearing out bushing? - from the drain plug? from the front of the "C" drive lower unit? from the upper seals where the drive shaft enters in the engine room? 
Is the oil milky? 
With no shaft brake, that's obviously not the problem, but is the transmission in neutral?
Does the propeller turn when you start the engine and put it in gear?
Cheers, Craig SN68

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 Hello and thanks for the answer. I have a folding propeller but no brake

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Hi Heinz,

Do you have an autoprop with a disk brake on the shaft?

Fair Winds


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After 5 months in the drydock in Panama I noticed that an Oel-water mixture was leaking out of the gearbox. I had the seals and the oil changed by Amel in Martinique a year ago. Now I can't turn the propeller by hand.
Is that normal or does anyone know what to do?
I am grateful for every suggestion.
All the best
Amel SM200, 292

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