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Elaine Leishman

Hi Craig,
Our bimini is still original and needs an upgrade after 19 years.  We would also like to see your design if possible.
Elaine and Michael 
SM 251 Nebo

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Hi Craig -. 
I certainly would like to see the frame that you designed!

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Hi Eric,

I designed a stainless tube frame that fastens to the mizzen stays like our balooner "wishbones" do to the main stays, so no typical bimini uprights to deal with. This is covered with sunbrella, zipped in front but lashed "T" top style on the sides and back so it's taut as the cross members follow the same curve as the Amel bimini at the hard dodger. Can add solar panels either with through-canvas mounts (preferred) or by adding some supplemental metal framework above the canvas.

Let me know if you'd like pics, although it's pretty straightforward.

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hey craig I was going to call you on this.

Do you have a hard bimini now?

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