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eric freedman


You can buy an automotive radiator cleaner .

The one I used needs to be added to fresh water, the genset run for 6-8 hours. Drain the system , flush with fresh water and then fill with antifreeze. The flush chemical costs about $8.00 in the USA.


You can also have your old heat exchanger acid cleaned in a radiator shop, painted , and add new end caps.

You will then have a brand new heat exchanger for a spare.


There is also an oil cleaner that runs in your engine for 30 minutes. It cleans out all the gunk. Add fresh oil and your engine is also cleaned. I do this on both my genset and my main engine.

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Thanks for the quick responses.  I realize I made a mistake in saying it was the raw water  system.  It was actually the fresh water cooling system.  Sorry about that.  IN addition, I should say that I replaced the heat exchanger in the Caribbean 6 months ago due to leakage at the end covers.  The Genset has 3000 hours.  The technician who recommended the procedure is not a Genset specialist.  He's more a general boat technician.  I'll have to ask him what the additive is that he is recommending.  

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