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Hi Fohi,

I think this is quite a common occurrence. On my 54 I had the same problem and now carry several extra spare solenoid valves. They are easy and quick to change and located behind the velcro’d panel behind the wc itself.

The trick is to carry the spare valves. If it is OK now, just keep using it. It is probably the lack of use that caused it to be stuck open. I did try stripping down the valve but it then dribbled a bit, rather than close 100% so  I recommend just changing them and buying at least two or three extra.


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Hi all,

I have just got back to my boat after being away for two months to find that the forward head did not stop flushing and I had to keep the water pump switched off to stop the water flowing into the bowl. I turned the water pump on again the next morning and it seemed to have sorted itself out. I assume its either a sticking solenoid or a sticking valve but before I start ripping it apart I would appreciate some guidance from somene who may have had this problem so that I can do some preventative maintenance.



Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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