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Ian Shepherd


thanks for the advice. You have given me the courage to remove the fore-stay now. Just one major snag at the moment. After removing the locking tongue to see if I could get a local shop to copy it I raised the genoa with the tongue missing, not realizing that the tongue holds the plastic inner sleeve in place. The sleeve moved downwards and jammed the swivel in the genoa up position so the genoa would not come down. I released the sail by undoing the head attachment cord from the bosuns chair and tomorrows plan is to put a hose clamp around the plastic sleeve where it has moved out of the bottom of the swivel, spray lots of WD40 in at the top and then tension the genoa halyard in the hope that the swivel will pull off the sleeve and free itself. If not, I will have to lower the entire fore-stay to the ground and see if I can use a hammer and a wooden block to drive the swivel back down over the sleeve!

How we learn from our mistakes!


Ian SM2K 414 Crusader Cyprus

On 26/11/2018 10:00, Ian Park parkianj@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:

I replaced mine 4 years ago. Misshapen and broken bearings galore!
I just attached a masthead halliard to the bow roller and cranked it fairly tight. I put tape on the forestay thread to mark exactly how far it was tightened, then undid it. Removed the motor and furler gearbox from the foil and dropped the drum off.
There is a plastic plug inside the drum. When you prize it off all the balls just drop out. Once the top and bottom set are out the two parts just separate. Beautifully simple.
You may need a new plug. The inside is curved to match the curve of the inner ball race. This plug needs a ridge on the outside that fits the foil groove to stop it rotating and blocking the movement of the bearings. The ridge had worn away on mine so I had a new one machined.
Not a difficult job.

Good luck

Ian. Ocean Hobo SN96

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