Anchor question

James Cromie

To all Amel Super Maramu owners: 

I'd like to know what others are using as their primary anchor.  I have dragged in the middle of the night with a mere 35 knot gust.  Fortunately, I realized this immediately and was able to avoid danger.  

I have a Rocna 40kg on 3/8 all chain rhode.  I use a 5m 1 inch 3-strand nylon snubber line.  When I dragged, the anchor was set in sand / mud bottom and had a 7:1 scope (taking into account high tide and free-board).   When I set the anchor, I routinely place the engine in reverse at 2000rpm or greater.  

Frankly, I'm surprised that the anchor dislodged.  I didn't dive on the anchor this time... perhaps that was one important error.  I was under the assumption that a 40kg Rocna is a good choice as an all-around cruising anchor for this displacement, though I understand that one must decide what is best for a given sea bottom.  

Thank you in advance. 



Manjack Cay, Abacos

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