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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

For the record we changed the brake pads out with new ones today. This was not a difficult job at all, but to do this we found it best to remove the complete shaft brake system via the two bolts onto the engine bearers. Once this was removed, it become far easier to remove and replace each brake pad.

Tip to those on Amels setting out for a world cruise.... our departure from Cape Town to the Caribbean was delayed by a day mainly since we did not have a set of cir clip pliers on board, nor did we have spare replacement cir clips. Purchase a set of these and store them on board. The job was a bugger to do until I could purchase these items....

In our case the front brake pad (ie. nearest the bilge) was pretty worn down, so now by replacing this with a new one from Amel, we no longer have an issue with the shaft turning whilst we are sailing. Also, as per the notes in the Amel Owners site, keep a spraycan of disc brake pad cleaner spray on board too. This could also solve this problem for you.

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Hi All

We are in Cape Town departing tomorrow for St Helena and the Caribbean. Whilst crossing the Indian Ocean, our prop shaft has started to rotate whilst sailing due to brake pad wear, so Amel sent us a new set which just arrived.

I could not find any instructions, but the job looks pretty simple......? ie. assuming one runs the engine in neutral to release the pressure, then remove the small circlip on the top of the pad bolt to allow the bolt holding the pad in place to slip out the bottom, then remove and replace the pad...?

Could someone who has done this before please advise me if this is correct, and if you found it easy to do, or if it became more involved after tackling the job? We have an hour spare in the morning before departing for St Helena and are hoping to replace the pads quickly before we sail.

Much appreciate


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