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A thought,  how are you increasing speed?  The genset governor should handle that automatically

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All the electrical fuses are in. The diesel runs perfectly when I hold it Manuel at the start. Something has to tell him he's shutting

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I think you are dealing with a couple of issues.


Since you had an electrical short did you check the master circuit breaker on the generator?


Is the fuel supply sufficient? Are you getting enough fuel from the electric pump? Is the fuel clean? The most common cause of a diesel engine shutting down once it has started is lack of fuel. Believe it or not, it is very hard to stop a running diesel engine.





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I would have yesterday with Onan generator switched on a short circuit in an electric line.
Then the generator went out.
The generator starts since then briefly, then goes out however immediately again.
Only if I increase the speed of the generator manually after the start, it remains on, but does not generate electricity.
Somebody knows advice.
I am grateful for each suggestion
Super Maramu 2000, 292 Panama

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