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The most likely fault is 2 things:
The Onan Governor as Mark and others have said. This governor keeps the generator at constant RPM, regardless of load. The generator is required to be at constant RPM in order to generate electricity at the correct Frequency (50htz). It should never be at idle. Your generator should ALWAYS run at 1,500 RPM.

Are you sure that you know where the Main Breaker is on your Onan. When looking at the control panel, the main breaker is on the left side of the generator, to the back of the left side, near the top.

I am guessing that the governor failed, causing the Main Breaker to OPEN.

I suggest that you get an Onan Certified Technician on board. The Onan OEM governor costs about $380, plus labor. 


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I believe your Onan has a "No AC Output" shutdown switch that would shut it down as you describe. 
With any luck, you may simply have to re-flash the generator to solve the problem. 

If that doesn't work you'll want to check the circuitry on the generator for winding continuity, resistance through the brushes, etc. (I assume you have fixed the short circuit, of course, and checked breakers.)

Let us know what you find.
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I think you are dealing with a couple of issues.


Since you had an electrical short did you check the master circuit breaker on the generator?


Is the fuel supply sufficient? Are you getting enough fuel from the electric pump? Is the fuel clean? The most common cause of a diesel engine shutting down once it has started is lack of fuel. Believe it or not, it is very hard to stop a running diesel engine.





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I would have yesterday with Onan generator switched on a short circuit in an electric line.
Then the generator went out.
The generator starts since then briefly, then goes out however immediately again.
Only if I increase the speed of the generator manually after the start, it remains on, but does not generate electricity.
Somebody knows advice.
I am grateful for each suggestion
Super Maramu 2000, 292 Panama

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