Amel54 SSB installation

Jeroen Jeltes

Hi all ,  fellow Amel owners. Since recently i am proud owner of Fidelis an Amel54 2009.

I am preparing her for paticipating ARC+2019. and decided to install a SBB radio.

The boat is prepared and has a pre-installed groundplate, yet there is no wiring diagramm information of available cabling.  Sadly SAV of chantier Amels has verly little information , apart from i need to disconnect the ground  cable from the SSB power contacts behind the lower charttable sidepanel.

Surely more owners must have gone through this trouble,  so anybody can give me advice is very welcome.

i am struggling with the following questions ?

where can i pick up the ground cable from the groundplate, to ground the antenne tuner? and should this of the flat rass type ?

is the isolated antenne cable between the masts suitable for the SSB ?

what anttenne is used for SSB,  isolated backstay of mizzen mast , or stand alone 6m flex rod type?

perhaps there is anybody who can give directions how to install the system.

( i have contacted local professionals yet these guys do not know this boat and want to start from scratch)

Jeroen  Jeltes

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