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Eric Freedman


I replaced my ballooner halyard with vectran and a tylaska shackle.

Olivier said the sheave at the top of the mast is the same as the other halyard sheaves.

I now have 2 halyards for whatever I want to do.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376


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Bill R,


The directions you show are for splicing a high tech dyneema or spectra core line.Is there a rational for using such an expensive line on the ballooner halyard which sees no load at all in normal use, and where stretch is not at all an issue?


Amel's specifications for this line call for 39 meters of 10mm standard polyester line.  That would cost about US$200.  Dyneema would cost almost 3 times that much for no benefit that I can see.


To be sure, other than the expense there is no downside I know of in changing from Amel's original specification on this line, and they are a LOT simpler to splice than standard double braid.  

Bill Kinney

SM160, Harmonie

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA


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The boat I was aboard in Martinique last week did not have the original ballooner halyard. See the attached photo which is something I put together from memory on my SM. I would appreciate any/all input, corrections and clarifications. It would be great to know some exact dimensions, including the size of the shackle.

Once I receive your input, I will revise and post the final version for everyone.




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