Swivel Ball Stopper Plugs

Ian Shepherd

Have stripped my forestay swivel I found that both my ball stopper plugs were missing. Without these plugs the plastic balls will get a hammering as they pass the insertion hole. Amel tell me that these plugs are not available as a spare and that I should use some silicone to plug the holes. I am not happy with that solution as the balls need to have a smooth shaped surface to run over and silicone may well clog up the ball race.

My idea is to buy some 10mm nylon or wood dowelling and carefully file the plugs to the correct shape on the ball race side and to file a ridge in the other end so that it cannot twist once inserted. The ridge would sit in the slot in the carbon fibre sleeve.

I am disappointed that Amel do not sell an overhaul kit consisting of new ball bearings complete with a new sleeve and a new set of ball stopper plugs.

If anyone has another solution, please let me know.

Ian Shepherd SM2K 414 Crusader Cyprus

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