An Anchor Alternative...


Harmonie came to us with a 40kg Rocna anchor.  I believe that this has been the the standard anchor that people have chosen when they were looking to upsize from the 30kg Bügel.

After a circumnavigation with the previous owners, and an additional couple of years with us, our reliable old friend on the bow was getting a bit worn.  The galvanizing was almost all gone, and the rust was starting to bleed through. We looked at having our chain and anchor re-galvanized, but could not find a source to take on such a relatively small project in a cost effective manner.  Since we were in the market for a second anchor anyway, it was time to shop.

The long version of this story is in our blog, but I thought the Amel world would be interested.

Making a very long story as brief as possible, we ended up selecting a 48kg (105lb) Mantus as our new primary anchor.  Having a lot of  previous experience with the Mantus anchor, we were sure we would be at least as happy with the anchoring performance as we would be with the 40kg Rocna. The only question was if the fit on the bow roller was going to be satisfactory.  With templates and tape measures we were pretty comfortable that things would work well.

Turns out the Mantus fits even better than the Rocna. More secure, and less interference with the pulpit and second anchor roller.  Be aware that our roller is the "old style" and even from that is slightly modified, so be sure you check yourself for fit on your boat.  

We ended up with an anchor with about 10% more surface area than the 40kg Rocna, for just about the same price. Many of you know I HATE adding weight to the bow of the boat, but the extra 17 lbs seems worth it.

Always good to have alternatives!

Bill Kinney

SM160, Harmonie

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

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