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We seriously looked into it  a couple of years ago and decided not to. The things that put us off were the need to check in and out with multiple Government authorities EVERY time the boat is moved. Then we considered staying at Marina Hemingway and using it as a base while taking private tours of the country. We meet someone in Florida who had recently stayed there and had a very bad experience. There experience was enough to make us change our plans. They had a 30 day contract for about US$1,000 to stay at Marina Hemingway (which they said was crappy and nothing worked). They had to stay two extra days because of weather. The marina charged them US$4,000 and the government officials would not let them go until they paid with cash. It was at this point we decided if we went there, it would not be by boat.


That being said, We recently met a French chap and he and his family loved Cuba and said it was the best experience in the Caribbean.


I know of a couple of people that go with a rally out of St. Petersburg FL. They also do not have anything nice to say about Marina Hemingway but love the country and tours. Going with a group seems to be the ideal way. The group uses bi-lingual tour guides and travel as a unit.


Do you homework before going if you opt in.


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Does anyone have experience going to Cuba? We thought we’d like to do that before heading for Belize.

Thanks for any advice or info.

Kent and Iris

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