Re: Original Autopilot Integration With New Chartplotter

Cathy & Guillaume

Many thanks for your advice, Alan, Mark, Craig, AIan and Richard, very helpful.

Mark and Ian: I am tempted by the redundancy of a second antenna, but does the 5m difference in height make any noticeable difference for the AIS transponder? I guess this should be compared with the loss coming from the splitter. Again, assuming this makes any difference at all.

Craig, I should have been more precise: the Vesper AIS I intend to buy is the XB8000, which is indeed blackbox, no screen. Preference over the NAIS500 because it has GPS, again for redundancy. I want to install a Zeus3 9” MFD at the helm and will view the AIS info on the Zeus. At some stage later, replace the Furuno radar by a B&G 4G. For chart table visualisation of all NMEA2000 info, I would start with tablet through wifi from the Zeus (any counter advice there?) to save the immediate expense of a second MFD. Plus a computer connection from the USB port of the Vesper.

There is the Paris boat show starting this weekend, so will follow your advice and approach a couple of manufacturers, probably B&G and Garmin. Indeed a fun project! I have developed a tentative multi-year evolution plan, but am sure to have many more questions!


Cathy & Guillaume

s/v Carpathia III – SM2K #293


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