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Exactly. And, who better to make this point. You are the only member of the Amel Owners Group that is also a lifelong commercial fisherman owning more than one boat, and experienced a loss.

I believe in owning and using commonly available technology to reduce Risk of damage of property and physical injury which may occur on my boat, or others involved. I also believe 100% of Marine Insurance companies believe the same. Today, I believe that in a collision, you would be liable for physical loss and personal injuries, if you choose to navigate without Radar, VHF, and an AIS transceiver.

And, just a reminder, anything any member posts in this group is publicly accessible by interested parties, such as your insurance carrier. I am sure they will not bother to access this information unless you have a loss.


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If you sail in any areas north of South Carolina, you must be aware that there is an awful lot of fishing activities, long line, draggers, fish/lobster pot fisherman. These vessels range in size from 32 on up, many in the 50-65 foot range. Commercial fisherman ARE NOT required to transmit an AIS signal unless they exceed 65'.
Many draggers and pot fisherman will be engaged in activities that, to a person unfamiliar with their work and how the boats may vary their speeds, stop, turn around, and make movements that seem arbitrary, all without transmitting an AIS signal.
I personally encountered a dragger fleet off the NC coast one night, no fun figuring out what they were, and what they were up to. Often they're too busy to repond to a call, or often, don't give a crap to get back to you. They do have right of way (vessel restricted in ability to maneuver), and they will take advantage of that .
If you would prefer to keep radar off your boat, good luck. 
I might add, dense fog banks will appear out of nowhere, in many areas north of 35N. Many folks don't tune their radar until it's too late. Without having it tuned, you will may feel a sense of FALSE security until it's too late. 
There is, I firmly believe, a law of the ocean, 2 boats on the ocean will find each other. Spend enough time on the ocean, and you'll become a believer of this law.
Best advise, believe it, and take steps to help yourself avoid it's ramifications.

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Hi Craig, I’ve kept my boat simple. No radar at all. My only chartplotter is Navionics on my iPad. Navionics cannot display the AIS... Instead the AIS displays on Vespers own app. So it isn’t very integrated. (No radar because I do a lot of single-handed passages, and I see radar as a distraction - I’d rather spend my limited resources on other watch keeping activities. I’d rather have AIS than radar.)
Regards Richard M

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