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Mark Erdos



Below is really bad advice. Please don’t sail this way. It is irresponsible.


On Cream Puff we run radar at night (even in a full moon) and have a Class A AIS that overlays onto our NobelTec Time Zero Navigation Computer and chart display (of which we have a mirror backup system). The AIS has an alarm and sounds until silenced when any target is within five miles. Any vessel with a 2 mile CPA or less we hail via VHF to ensure we are both aware of each other’s COG and discuss who may alter course if needed to ensure we pass safely. i.e.  recently asked a large freighter to adjust 10 degrees to port since we had 40 knot winds and the captain was very accommodating and saved us from having to tack (we were willing to tack, and we had the right of way, but his flexibility was greatly appreciated).


I just cannot imagine sailing with my eyes closed. That is just plain crazy.



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Hi Craig, I’ve kept my boat simple. No radar at all. My only chartplotter is Navionics on my iPad. Navionics cannot display the AIS.. Instead the AIS displays on Vespers own app. So it isn’t very integrated. (No radar because I do a lot of single-handed passages, and I see radar as a distraction - I’d rather spend my limited resources on other watch keeping activities. I’d rather have AIS than radar.)
Regards Richard M

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