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Hi Dave, i'm sure that in Maramu, like in mine Sharki and in all 80'
Amel models, the main traveller was composed by a continuous line moved
by a drum with an handle fixed over a wooden block at the back of the
windshield. There were no stop blocks at the end of traveller,but only a
block on the handle. I think that's the same tat today in SM and Amel

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On our Maramu (#29) the previous owner retrofitted a Harken traveller
on top of the existing Goiot track. He reused some of the original
fittings to create standoffs of sorts but the arrangement is too weak
for offshore sailing. In fact one fitting failed due to poor welding.
So we have two choices. One is to properly retrofit the Harken and the
other is to go back to using the original track.

I am asking the Amel community for some assistance. If anyone could
take some pictures of an original Goiot traveller showing the car, end
fittings, and how the control lines are led that would be awesome.

Secondly if anyone has retrofitted a Harken big boat traveller I'd
like to hear how it was done and how well it's worked out

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